Whether you own a home or business, you do everything possible to keep your property safe not only from theft, but also from anything that might happen unexpectedly such as electrical fires.

As per U.S. Fire Administration, 24,000 electrical fires occur every year.  Overloaded outlets are the cause of 5,300 house fires annually.

Being aware of the dangers and potential causes of electrical fires is crucial to keep your property from harm.  Let’s explore how a broken outlet can cause a fire and what can you do to prevent this from happening.

Broken Outlets and Switches

If you have an old outlet or light switch that is not properly grounded, have it fixed right away or consider installing a new one. Faulty electrical outlets can lead to electrical fires. Since outlets and switches get old overtime, the wiring behind them will loosen eventually, and this can lead to breakage causing a fire.

Another situation where outlets with nothing plugged in can catch fire is when the circuit cable termination to the outlet is not properly tightened at the installation stage. Since an outlet has a continuous supply of power through a breaker, this may overheat and catch on fire.

Aluminum Wiring

An outlet can also catch fire even if nothing is plugged in. This can occur in homes that use aluminum wiring. If your house was built more than 50 years ago, chances are, it was built with aluminum wiring. Aluminum wires are more likely to catch fire, because aluminum is softer and expands more than copper. It easily breaks and causes loose connection, causing it to overheat quickly. If you suspect you have aluminum wiring at home, watch for signs that could indicate a serious problem, such as warm light switches, flickering lights, the smell of burning plastic and presence of sparks.

Old and Worn Appliances

Old and worn out appliances can also cause an electrical outlet fire. Worn and aging electrical components can become frayed over time, and old appliances tend to consume more electrical supply than many new ENERGY STAR rated appliances. Furthermore, the insulation used in many old appliances has high flammability. So it can overheat quickly, leading to a fire.

Extension Cords

Do you often use extension cords in your home? If you do, keep in mind that extension cords are also considered a fire hazard. If all your appliances are plugged into a single extension cord, excessive power load will most likely occur. This will pose a risk to your home for an electrical fire because having a circuit overload is not safe.

Fire Prevention Tips

Here are some fire prevention tips that you can follow to avoid the risk of experiencing electrical outlet fire in your home or business.

  1.   Repair loose outlets, to improve connection tighten the wire nuts or replace the entire outlet if possible.
  2.   Replace aluminum wires with copper wires. Call a qualified electrician to replace the wiring for you.
  3.   Avoid extension cords whenever possible. If you must use an extension cord make sure it is in good condition and check it frequently.
  4.   Always pay attention to your appliances especially the outdated ones. Check if there are any exposed wires. If the appliance operates improperly, repair or replace it immediately.

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