In our experience working with clients in Seattle, often in pre 1990 homes, the Caseta wireless ELV+ Dimmer smart switches have become a great cost-effective way to provide homeowners with a solution for dimmer switches or for adding more convenience and control over lighting options.

The Caseta Wireless ELV+ Dimmer Offers Simple Solutions, Great Value

Offering simple wiring solutions, the Caseta wireless ELV+ Dimmer is a smart switch that can dim your LED, Incandescent, Magnetic Low Voltage, or Halogen lights.

The Caseta wireless ELV+ Dimmer smart switch can be used as a single pole switch or 3-way switch. The Caseta smart switch has RF technology you can utilize by adding Lutron Pico Remotes to create a convenient 3-way system where there was not one before.

By pairing the Lutron Picos remote with Caseta wireless ELV+ Dimmer you can control lights from up to 10 different locations. As an added convenience, the remotes mount without any existing fixture box.

Using the optional Caseta Smart Hub, the Caseta wireless ELV+ Dimmer can be connected to leading smart home devices such as Alexa and Apple HomeKit, Ring, and many more. With this added flexibility, your lights can be controlled via app, voice or programmed for various functionality based on your needs.

Whether it is changing a regular switch to a dimmer or adding a switch to a more convenient location, the Lutron Caseta has you covered. OHM Electrical Contracting can help you install and program your Caseta wireless ELV+ dimmer.

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