Electrical work will be necessary in your home from time to time. Sometimes repairs are needed
because an appliance isn’t working correctly or because you’re concerned about your home’s safety.
Maybe you just moved into a new home and want to make sure the electrical system is up to par. In
these situations, the right thing is to find a professional electrician who can ensure work to proper
standards and safety measures. These are some of the electrical repairs Seattle, WA, residents can
contact us about at OHM Electrical Contracting.

Indoor Electrical Repair

We perform many types of indoor residential repairs. You can contact us about any part of your
electrical system or appliances you want to hook up to it. We provide electrical repairs for electrical
panels, heating and cooling systems, lighting, outlets and ceiling fans.
There are some fairly common repairs people may experience in their homes. Some of these include:

  • Fixing or replacing an outlet. This may be necessary if an outlet shows discoloration or you
    notice heat coming from it. This requires a fix to the wiring behind the outlet and a new outlet.
  • Repairs to the electrical panel. An increase in circuit breakers tripping, having non-grounded,
    two-pronged outlets or crackling sounds coming from the fuse box are signs you should have the
    panel looked at. We may be able to repair it, or an upgrade may be necessary to ensure your
    electrical system is safe and to keep up with modern power needs.
  • Repairs to appliance lines. You should have them checked out if there seems to be a problem
    with your appliances or if you’re getting new appliances in a home that may be too outdated to
    handle their power needs.

Outdoor Electrical Repairs

We also provide electrical repairs around the exterior of your home. Our electricians are able to help
with the electrical side of outdoor lighting, cameras, outlets, ground wire, heaters and landscaping
water features.
Lighting is one of the top areas for outdoor repairs. This is likely where you would have most of your
repair needs. Outdoor areas can feature lighting in entrances, porches, decks, landscaping, pathways
and other locations. You may also have motion sensor lights and holiday light displays.
Our electricians can provide repairs if you’re having electrical problems with any of your outdoor lighting
or other components connected to the electrical system.

Rely on a Professional

Some people try to perform their own electrical work in their homes. It might make sense for people to
tackle do-it-yourself projects like painting, but electrical work is another matter. Working on this system
creates dangers during the repair process and on an ongoing basis if a house has improper electrical
work. It’s advisable to work with professional and properly licensed electricians who are experienced in
electrical systems and safety measures.

Electrical Repairs in Seattle, WA

At OHM, we have a team of qualified electricians and a master electrician to ensure your electrical
repairs are done correctly and with safety in mind. We can help with a range of electrical repairs that
Seattle, Washington, homeowners need performed to high standards.

Contact OHM today to get started!