Proper fire alarm installation is an important step in any home or commercial construction. Fire alarm systems are critical for safety in any building where people live or work. In most commercial buildings fire alarm systems are required by law. The specifics required to be code-compliant will vary by municipality, but a well-functioning and properly installed fire alarm system is a wise and necessary investment in your residential or commercial building. 

Fire Alarm Systems for Commercial Buildings

Commercial fire alarm systems typically consist of multiple linked fire detectors. If one detector senses smoke or fire, it can trigger an alarm throughout the building, allowing people inside to exit to safety.

Some commercial fire alarm systems will automatically alert the local fire department if an alarm is triggered. With this type of system the fire department will be notified and can respond even if no one is present at the time of the fire.

Even if people are present when a fire breaks out, their first priority will be getting to safety and they may forget to call 9-1-1 until a critical amount of time has passed. 

In any situation involving fire, response time is of utmost importance. The earlier the fire is discovered the greater chance people inside the building have to get to safety.

If a fire is discovered when it is small, it may be able to be put out with a simple fire extinguisher. If a fire is caught early and contained, damage caused by smoke and the flame itself can be greatly mitigated. 

Fire Alarm Systems for Residential Homes

Fire alarm systems are also a wise option for single family homes. Although most single family homes only have very simple battery powered smoke alarms, these have several drawbacks.

First of all many people fail to test their smoke alarms regularly and fail to change the batteries, leaving the smoke alarms useless in an actual fire.

Secondly, typical battery powered smoke alarms only make a loud noise to alert people of the presence of smoke. If no one is at home to call the fire department when a fire breaks out, then the fire can easily get out of control before anyone outside the home might notice.

Third, if the people living in the home are hard of hearing or disabled in some way, then even if a battery powered smoke alarm operates as designed, the residents in the home may not be able to hear it or respond properly.

In all of these cases a hard-wired and monitored fire alarm system would be a much better option than a common battery powered smoke alarm.

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