For every modern building, the form of energy that is most widely used is electricity. It distributes power not only to office equipment and other various electronics like computers, but it also provides energy for ventilation, heating, and cooling equipment. If you are an owner of a commercial building, that being said, keeping your establishment a safe place for everyone should be your top priority and electrical systems are no exception. How do you make sure that your building is safe from electrical hazards?  Here are a few electrical safety tips for commercial buildings.


Replace damaged outlets. 

Wall outlets are prone to normal wear and tear especially if a commercial space frequently uses a lot of electrical appliances and equipment to operate such as machinery and computers. When the outlet shows signs of wear like loosened metal contact points onto the cords, this will build up heat and may lead to blowups and fires if left unmonitored. It’s time to replace your wall outlets if you see cracks and discoloration, if the lights are flickering, if there are sparks, buzzing sounds or if you smell something burning.


Replace electrical cords from commercial appliances.

When a cord is worn already, it may lose its protective layer, exposing the wires that hold the electrical current. Worn cords can be a fire-starter because the wires may run hot and when it heats up, it may ignite highly combustible materials, such as carpets and paper. So check the cords from time to time and replace it if needed.


Avoid overusing extension cords or use it temporarily.

Frequent use of extension cords, for heavy loads, may also lead to fire or electric shocks because it may not be able to handle excess currents especially if it’s fully loaded. Calling your electrician to install more wall outlets is the best idea rather than using extension cords regularly.


Circuit breaker installation.

Have a circuit breaker installed in every large area or office space to stop the flow of excess current and handle different groups of appliances and fixtures.


Monitor the use of equipment. 

Since employees who work in commercial buildings need to use electricity on a daily basis to operate office equipment, they should be taught on how to use and maintain these types of equipment to ensure everyone’s safety. Always make it a habit to turn off appliances and unplug cords when not in use to prevent overcurrent that can run overnight.


Make sure appliances are in good condition.

Regularly inspect your commercial appliances and office equipment if it still runs smoothly and replaces faulty electrical wiring, cords, and plugs to avoid accidents and electrical hazards.

Having an electrical layout or plan for your commercial or office building will help maintain the safety of everyone working inside the building. An electrical plan will show how electrical wires and items connect, as well as the location of lights, light switches, socket outlets, and appliances. A clear office electrical layout enables electricians to install electronics correctly and quickly.


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