Do you need to have a license for home renovation?

If you decide to hire a contractor, do they need to be licensed?

If you’ve spent months, or even years dreaming of a home renovation, you know there’s a lot to think about: budget, plans, sourcing materials, the schedule, and more. This article from Dwell has some useful tips to keep in mind.

It can be tempting to cut corners. While it’s true that a complex renovation project can stretch your budget, it can cost you more if you hire someone who is unlicensed.

Licensed contractors bring protection and accountability to your project because they are insured, bonded, have gone through background checks, and passed a contractor’s exam. Hiring an unlicensed person to do sensitive and potentially dangerous jobs, such as electrical work, can bring an unacceptable level of risk to your project.

Even if you are doing the work yourself, do you want to take the chance that you could make a mistake with the wiring that could cause a fire and destroy your home? Don’t take chances with the safety of your home and your family. Some things in life are too important to take unnecessary risks with. Hire a licensed electrician to do any electrical work involved with a home renovation. You’ll be able to sleep better at night know the job was done right. 

If your home renovation project is in Seattle or the greater Seattle area, OHM Electrical Contracting is here for you!

At OHM we stand by our OHM Commitment:

  1. Safety First. The safety of your home, your family, and your place of business are our highest priority.
  2. Thoroughness. We do the job right, the first time. We do not cut corners. We work with you to implement the best solution. This means that even if something unexpected comes up in the middle of project (this is very common on almost any home renovation project!), we will consult with you every step of the way to make sure that we take the best course of action to meet your needs. We believe in honesty, transparency and putting our customer’s interests first.

  3. Fair Price. We always give you a fair price and top-quality work. That’s just how we operate. 


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