Don’t let a malfunctioning sign hurt your business!

Quality outdoor sign repair can keep your customers coming in the door.

A bright, lighted sign is a valuable asset, letting customers know you exist and are open for business. Clean, beautiful signage communicates that your business is trustworthy and welcoming, encouraging new customers to try your business.

However, a sign that is faded, broken or has a flickering light, sends the wrong message. A broken sign implies a business that doesn’t care about its image, or it’s customers. Potential customers who see a broken sign in front of your business may turn around and choose somewhere else to go. You can’t afford to have a broken sign advertising your business. 

OHM can help with outdoor sign repair. Contact OHM today to get started.

Outdoor Sign Repair for Blue Moon

Recently OHM repaired the pylon sign for Blue Moon Burgers in the Alki neighborhood of West Seattle. A special lift was needed because the sign is so tall, but that’s no problem for our electricians!

OHM repaired the sign for Blue Moon Burger OHM repairs an outdoor sign