The Seattle area displays a beautiful range of weather all year round. Outdoor lighting paired with patio heat lamps can extend your outdoor time into the evenings, as well as extend the warmth of summer into the cooler months.

Keep reading for a quick home buying guide to purchasing the right outdoor lights and heat lamps for your space.

What Are Patio Heat Lamps?

As the name implies, patio heat lamps are outdoor appliances that function similarly to indoor space heaters you turn on to remove a chill from the room.

They come in various types and can serve multiple functions. You will find the most use out of an outdoor heat lamp if you plan to relax outside in the evenings, host parties, or be able to enjoy your time on the patio during the spring or fall when the temperature can get nippy in the evenings.

Types of Patio Heat Lamps

There are several different types of heat lamps you can choose from. Different lamps use different fuels, so check before buying.


Electric heaters like these from Wayfair use convection or radiant heat.


Tabletop heat lamps can be used to accent your outdoor tables. You can even find outdoor tabletop heaters that feel luxurious.


Portable heat lamps can be moved around since they do not have a fixed fuel line.


Ceiling-mounted heat lamps are a great addition to a gazebo or covered outdoor area.


In-ground heat lamps are great for heating large areas or replicating a natural fire pit. These usually require a fuel line.

Types of Lighting for Your Outdoor Patio

The type of lighting you choose to install on your patio is entirely up to your aesthetic, security, and outdoor activity needs. To keep things quick, we’ll list out a few fixture options to help you brainstorm before buying.

  • Wall lights
  • Post lights
  • Hanging lights
  • Ceiling-mounted lights
  • Free-standing lamps
  • String lights
  • Ambient lighting
  • Recessed lighting
  • Solar-powered lights
  • Smart lights
  • Motion sensor lights
  • Ceiling fan/light combo
  • Flush-mounted lights
  • Lanterns

Buying Guide: What to Consider for Lighting & Heat Lamps

Part of making the best buying decision is knowing the purpose of your purchase. What will you be using the patio heat lamps for? What about the lighting? Also, consider how often you will use both.

If you anticipate heavy usage, you might consider installing a permanent heat lamp, similar to a gas-fueled fire pit. Or, invest in multiple standing heat lamps that can cover a wide area. Make a note of the fuel type or power source for the lamp as well.

The type of lighting you buy also depends on a few factors. Consider the size of your property you wish to light, ambiance you want to create, security lighting, and energy efficiency. You also want to choose fixtures that blend well with your home’s exterior and do not cast harsh light into the interior.

Safely Install Patio Lighting and Heat Lamps

Start enjoying your outdoor space no matter the time of day or season. Trust OHM Electrical Contracting to safely install a patio light or heat lamp at your Seattle area home today. Contact us to start the process or consult with an electrician.