A Seattle DADU may offer a solution for additional space and/or income for homeowners. It probably doesn’t need to be said but housing is expensive right now. Sparse supply and historically high demand have driven up the cost of living across the board whether you are looking to buy or rent.

Recognizing this the city of Seattle has reformed the requirements for Accessory Dwelling Units (ADU) back in 2019. The legislation covers a host of changes aimed at making these units more common and easier to commission.

If you are thinking about adding space to your property, but don’t necessary want to share a wall with your neighbors, a Detached Accessory Dwelling Unit (or DADU) may be right for you. Whether you are looking to bring in extra income, or create a space for more loved ones, it is easy to see the appeal of having an extra unit.

Pre-Approve Your Seattle DADU

Adding a DADU (Detached Accessory Dwelling Units) is a significant undertaking that consumes not just money but time. One of the most
significant barriers to entry is finding a design that will work for your space and getting it approved by the city. Fortunately, if you live in Seattle, there is one way to speed up this process.

In 2020 Seattle launched the ADUniverse website. This resource features pre-approved designs of DADU in a gallery. In addition, these designs come with floor plans, architectural renderings, and contact information for the specific designer.

Since these designs are pre-approved valuable time and get a building permit in 2-6weeks compared to months of back and forth. This site also offers a step-by-step guide for ADUs, a list of requirements, and a property search tool so you can find out if your lot is zoned for ADUs.

Whether you are looking to retrofit you existing home or build additional space, the ADUniverse portal should be your first step in understanding and planning the process.

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