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Nowadays, houses are jam-packed with high-tech gadgets and appliances. From flat-screen televisions, computers to high powered microwave ovens, the list is endless, but these types of equipment require high amounts of electricity that most older houses are not designed for. It only can supply lights and a few appliances. So that is why OHM Electrical Contracting offers electrical panel upgrade services for both residential and commercial buildings.

If you notice that your breakers trip every time you turn on a piece of high powered equipment in your house or the lights constantly blink from bright to dim, chances are, the need for your house to have an electrical panel upgrade is clear.

What is an electrical panel?

An electrical panel or breaker panel is where all breaker switches are located. The electricity comes through the electric meter outside your house and routed to the electrical panel that will then provide power to you home. Inside your electrical panel are circuit breakers that are designed to trip if the circuit is overloaded. There is a problem if the circuit doesn’t trip and the power shuts off. Since the circuit is built to carry a certain amount of current and if it carries too much, overheating will result in a possible fire. 


The electrical panel upgrade involves the replacement of the existing breaker box with a panel offering an increased capacity to supply more electricity. We at the OHM Electrical Contracting have a line up of licensed and well-trained personnel that work flawlessly to upgrade your wiring, and rewiring electrical panels, replacing the panels,  installing surge protector panel, installing new circuits, meter socket and other components ensuring a stable electrical system.


Without an electrical panel upgrade, you will always encounter issues with an outdated panel such as flickering lights, odd sounds from the fuse box, tripping breakers, and even smoke to outlets. So when you buy and add more appliances to your house an outdated electrical panel is not anymore advisable. With an upgraded electrical panel, you have fewer worries if you add more high tech pieces of equipment, it prevents potential electrical fires, you can be sure that there is a stable flow of electricity and it saves you cost. 

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OHM Electrical Contracting is a full-service electrical contracting firm that caters to both residential and commercial businesses. We provide excellent panel upgrades for each client. We are  We also do meticulous testing after installation to ensure the system works favorably.

We’ll help you upgrade or install new panels to ensure the convenience of all electrical appliances.

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