Fire Alarm Installation in Seattle, WA

If you still don’t have a fire alarm installed in your property such as your place of residence or your business, consider it now while it’s not too late. The following are the reasons why having an up-to-date fire alarm system is important:

  1. It saves lives – the most important reason why the presence of a fire alarm is necessary is that it will save the lives of your families, customers, tenants, and employees. 
  2. It reduces damage to property – when fire alarms detect any smoke or heat, this alerts people around the area especially if they are trained to control a small fire by the use of extinguishers. Fire alarm systems that are monitored will automatically notify the emergency responders thus, immediately responding to your area as quickly as possible.
  3. It shortens recovery time – since having an updated fire alarm system will swiftly prevent a fire from spreading, this will be an advantage to you especially if you are a business owner because it will allow you to reopen your business.
  4. It keeps you code-compliant and qualifies for discounts on insurance – insurances offer a discounted premium for business insurances if they found out that your fire alarm system is code-compliant.

Contact OHM Electrical Contracting

OHM Electrical Contracting is a full-service electrical contracting firm that caters to both residential and commercial businesses. We provide customized fire alarm installation and design for each client. We are trained on the proper placement of the fire alarm system by assessing the structure of your homes or place of business to fulfill an ideal layout for the fire alarm system. We also do meticulous testing after installation to ensure the system works favorably and simultaneously with your other types of safety equipment such as fire sprinklers.

We are experts on fire alarm system installation, inspection, and testing. We’ll help you upgrade or install a new system to ensure the safety of you, your family, tenants, and or business.

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