Solar Panels and Solar Energy Systems

Solar panels are probably the first thing that comes to mind when you think of renewable energy in Seattle. The benefits of going solar are enormous! Solar panels pay dividends into the future for both your pocketbook and the environment. However there is more to solar panels than just mounting them on your roof or on your property. Solar panels are just the most visible part of a solar energy system

When planning for your solar system, it’s important to work with a qualified electrician like OHM Electrical Contractors to make sure you get the right solar system for your situation. OHM can  make sure the right solar energy system is installed safely and correctly to meet your needs for years to come.

The first and most basic differentiator between types of solar systems is grid-attached solar systems vs. off-grid solar systems.

Grid-attached Solar Systems – Residential and Commercial

Off-grid Solar Systems

If your property is within the city of Seattle, or almost any city or town for that matter, you will need to go with a grid-attached solar system. Grid-attached systems feed electrical energy back to the municipal electric grid when there is an excess produced by the solar panels, and they draw energy from the grid when the on-site solar panels are not producing enough energy to meet immediate demand. 

Many municipal grids, including Seattle City Light, will allow customers with their own grid-attached solar panel systems to sell excess electricity produced on-site back to the grid. This can help mitigate the up-front costs of the solar system over time. There are also numerous incentives and tax breaks that homeowners and business owners can take advantage of that ease the initial financial hurdles of investing in solar panels and a grid-attached solar system. 

For information about residential solar systems in the City of Seattle:

For many people, owning an off-grid solar system means one thing: freedom.

In a remote area with no municipal electric service, or for those who embrace a nomadic lifestyle, an off-grid solar energy system is the key to enjoying all the modern conveniences such as electric lights, appliances, TV, and computers, in locations where it is not otherwise possible. 

Off-grid solar systems can be stationary or mobile. Off-grid systems require a battery bank to store electric power for use at night and during cloudy weather when the solar panels are not actively collecting and converting sunlight into power.

Mobile Off-grid Solar Systems

Stationary Off-grid Solar Systems

Mobile off-grid solar systems offer the ultimate flexibility and freedom for those living in a tiny house on wheels (THOW), and for those who enjoy travel or full-time living in an RV, 5th Wheel, Mobile Home or Camper Van.

While mobile off-grid solar systems are typically smaller than stationary solar systems, they can be very efficient, allowing tiny house dwellers and those on the road to enjoy all the comforts of a more conventional home. 

If you own a remote property, cabin or home, going with a stationary solar array can offer many benefits versus a mobile system. 

First of all, a stationary array does not need to be limited to roof-top installation. A stationary solar array can be located on the part of the property that makes the most sense, such as on a south-facing hillside to catch maximum sunlight. With a stationary solar array, you are not limited by your roof size or your roof material. You can make your solar array as large as you need or want. It is also much easier to expand a free-standing solar array in the future if your power needs increase. 

Electric Vehicle Charging Stations

OHM can install a charging station in your home or at your place of business.

Home: Level 2 – EV Charging Stations

Having a Level 2 charging station at your own home makes charging your vehicle fast, and the experience of owning an electric vehicle much more convenient.

Retail and Commercial: Level 3 / DC Fast Charging Stations

We can also install Electric Vehicle charging stations of all types at your place of business. In a commercial setting, a Level 3 or DC Fast Charging Station may be the best option. 

Installing an EV charging station for your customers is a huge perk, and will set your business apart in the minds of your customers, building loyalty and goodwill. Did you know that EV owners tend to be in higher income brackets than regular gas-vehicle owners? Attract these valuable customers with an EV charging station, while showing your commitment to renewable energy.

Fleets and Rideshares: Level 3 / DC Fast Charging Stations

Does your organization have a fleet of electric vehicles? We’ve got you covered! OHM can install the charging stations that keep your vehicles moving.

Battery Backup Systems

Residential Battery Backup

We can install a whole-house battery backup system to protect you and your family in the event of a power outage or emergency. Battery-based backup systems are quieter, safer and easier to use than gas-powered generators. Rest easy knowing you have power no matter what.

Commercial Battery Backup and Surge Protection

Do you have mission-critical equipment that needs to keep running no matter what the grid is doing? You need battery backup and surge protection. OHM can help design and install the right system for your needs.

Generac Clean Energy Aligned Contractor

OHM is a licensed provider and preferred contractor for Generac clean energy products, including their best-in-class PWRcell technology

PWRcell Generac