Owning a home or business is very hard to maintain especially when you need trustworthy electricians near Sunset Hill, Seattle to take care of all of your electrical issues. OHM Electrical Contracting LLC is here to make your life easier! Though you may not experience some of the bigger electrical problems, for now, you may still find yourself in need of hiring a professional electrician near Sunset Hill. If you find yourself in this position, give us a call and we can make your electrical issues hassle-free! We will provide you with excellent electrical services that will exceed your expectations at an affordable cost. You can also call us anytime because we are open to serve you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and we’re open even on holidays! So if you’re anywhere near Sunset Hill Seattle and looking for certified, professional electricians,  OHM Electrical Contracting is here to help you answer all your electrical issues.


Sunset Hill Seattle

Sunset Hill is an area located in the northwest corner of the Ballard neighborhood of Seattle. It’s a beautiful place to live in and at the same time put up a small commercial space where you can do business. However, homes and businesses will most likely encounter electrical issues over time, so you need to have a trusted electrician near Sunset Hill for your electrical maintenance and repair, as well as emergency electrical problems. OHM Electrical Contracting LLC will put your electrical worries behind because we are dedicated with our work and we are the best in doing our job. 

We value your time whether you’re relaxing at home or busy at work. Hence OHM Electrical Contracting LLC will make your life easier by giving you onsite estimates with no hidden charges. We have the best team of electricians near Sunset Hill and its surrounding neighborhood to provide you with satisfying service because we are licensed and skillful to do our jobs.


OHM Electrical Contracting LLC was founded by a licensed 01-Master Electrician who has been in the electrical industry for 16 years. Since then, the company never stops delivering electrical services to its Seattle customers. Our electricians are licensed to work anywhere near Sunset Hill and you can count on us when it comes to troubleshooting, repairing, and installing complex electrical systems. We are also advocates of renewable energy, giving our customers efficient electrical system design and safety.


If you are looking for an electrician in Seattle, OHM Electrical Contracting is the company that you can depend on! We will deal with all your problems involving your electrical systems. We provide a full range of electrical services from repairs, to upgrades, to installations, to routine maintenance. At OHM Electrical Contracting, we assure our customer to have the best result and that your safety is our top priority.


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