What Is An Inverter?

An inverter changes direct current to alternating current and it also regulates the amount of power output through an electrical system.

An inverter is kind of like a funnel that electrical power from your solar panels goes into, and then the power comes out of the inverter in the correct format so that you can actually use it with regular electrical appliances, in your house, or even send it back out to the main power grid if your solar electric system is grid-attached (in this case make sure you get a grid-tie inverter instead of an off-grid inverter).

Why do you need an inverter as part of a solar energy system?

Solar panels produce direct current, but virtually all electrical appliances in the US use alternating current, so you need the direct current from the solar panels converted (or INverted) to alternating current. 

For more detailed information on inverters for Solar Electric systems you can check out this article: https://www.altestore.com/diy-solar-resources/the-role-of-an-inverter-in-a-solar-electric-system/.

What is a Pure Sine inverter?

A pure sine inverter is a better quality inverter that will output cleaner current. There is also less power loss with a pure sine inverter versus lesser quality inverters.

A cheap, poor quality inverter may be acceptable for a short-term emergency power application, like for an emergency generator, but for a solar electric system you plan to use often and long-term, get a good quality pure sine inverter.

What Inverter Is Right For Your Solar Electric System?

There are many factors to evaluate before choosing the right inverter for your situation. A good quality inverter is an investment and can be one of the pricier pieces of equipment in your solar electric system. We recommend working with qualified professionals, like OHM Electrical Contracting, to help you make the right choice.

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